list of presentations

Title of presentation Presentation resources File Date of presentation Presentation given at
CASTOR Name Space Analysis PDF icon Castor_Name_Space_Analysis.pdf 18 Sep 2014 (none specified)
Putting Ceph at the Heart of CASTOR 12 Jun 2014 CASTOR v15
CASTOR 2.1.15 Dev plans 12 Jun 2014 CASTOR v15
Xroot for D2d copies and Tapes 12 Jun 2014 CASTOR v15
Putting Xroot and Ceph at the Heart of CASTOR 19 May 2014 CASTOR morning meeting
Analytics of CASTOR monitoring data 20 Nov 2013 Openlab Workshop
CEPH and Mass Storage 08 Nov 2013 DSS Group meeting
Monitoring du systeme de stockage de donnees du CERN 04 Sep 2013 Manuel's thesis defense
Reference diagram for the parallel version of MAE 01 Jul 2013 (none specified)
Resume of CASTOR monitoring 10 Apr 2013 Discussion of CASTOR Monitoring tools with IT monitoring group


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