Nameserver commands

The full list of CASTOR man-pages can be viewed with the command 'man -k castor'

All ns* commands talk only to the "nameserver" - no actual data is accessed, and commands are reasonably fast.

ns* - manage/query file metadata

nsls - list files

nsrename - change file name

nsmkdir - new directories

nsln - 'symlink'

nsrm - delete files 

nschmod - changer permission

nschown change owner:group

nsfind - look for files

Stager commands/statuses

These stager commands are useful for production managers and/or batch job submissions (i.e. pre-staged files)

stager* - manage/query file metadata

stager_qry - get current state

stager_get - bulk transfer (several files together => efficient on tapes)


The queries on stager return the status of a file in the system, in particular if the file is on DISK or on TAPE

STAGEIN - the file is being recalled from tape or being internally disk-to-disk copied from another diskpool

STAGED - the file has been successfully staged from tape and it is available on disk, or the file is only available on disk if its associated nbTapeCopies = 0

STAGEOUT - the file is opened by the client, who is writing. Have to wait for the client to finish.

CANBEMIGR - the file is on disk and any transfer from client has been completed. The migrator will take it for tape migration.

INVALID  - the file has no valid diskcopy/tapecopy, or a failure happened concerning the file.



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