CASTOR PUBLIC root protocol - phase out (NOW COMPLETED)

We are planning to phase out the root protocol to access CASTOR after the 3rd of February 2014 (protocol will also be discontinued on future ROOT versions). Our statistics showed that 10% of accesses to CASTOR are still using root protocol and we would like to ask the users to start the transition from *root* protocol to *xroot* protocol. The following links provide more information:

CASTOR client deprecation - 01 November 2012


For CERN Users
From 1st November 2012, versions 2.1.12 or lower of the CASTOR clients will be deprecated. They will then progressively cease to function in the following 2 weeks.

All users are invited to upgrade to version 2.1.13-5 or higher to ensure uninterrupted functionality.

CERN Users can get more information following the instructions for update procedure.

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